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Дата публикации: 02 марта 2020
We have tokenized asset management! Investing in cryptocurrencies is now easy, safe and secure.
CoPi tokens - investment solutions from the best traders with an entry threshold of only 100 EUR!

- Ability to replenish the account with several currencies: EuPi, BTC, ETH

- Independent risk diversification: the ability to balance risk / profitability by buying / selling tokens from various portfolios

- Possibility of partial / full plant / withdrawal without loss of profitability at any time

- Transparent KYC / AML procedure

- Providing customer reporting

- The entire history of token movements is recorded in its own blockchain

- Entry threshold from 100 EUR

You can familiarize with the data on profitability for previous periods on our website (https://cryptopi.fund/) in the section CALCULATOR (https://cryptopi.fund/#profitability)

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